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Neighborhood Block Parties

Block Party Downloads:

Permit Application

A block party helps you connect with your neighbors, reimagine your block, and strengthen community relationships. With a free permit, you can temporarily close your street and use the right of way to host a party for your neighbors.

What are block parties?

Block parties can be hosted once per month during daylight hours and require a permit. Invite your neighbors, friends, and family to have fun in the street. In an average year, over 250 groups of neighbors gather together for block parties. binary options cpa affiliate

What are my responsibilities?

  • Talk with your neighbors. Let them know that you are applying for a free permit and want to host a neighborhood party that will temporarily shut down the street to local access only.
  • Provide barricades and street closure signs. Barricades and street closure signs will help warn drivers and provide a safe space for all. You can use recycling bins or furniture as barricades and attach street closure signs with tape. It is also important that you have an adult at both barricades to let local traffic in, answer questions, and make neighbors feel welcome to join.
  • Clean up. At the conclusion of your party, return the street to its original condition and remove the barricades.

How do I close my street for a Block Party?

It’s very simple, just complete and submit a permit application. You can get a free neighborhood block party permit and close your street to traffic as long as you:

  • Do not close:
    • Arterial streets
    • Intersections
    • Streets with a bus stop
  • Clean up and restore your street before 10 pm or dusk (whichever comes first)
  • Request only one block party per month
  • Talk to your neighbors about the party!

Applicants are responsible for providing their own informal barricades, and an 8.5 x 11 street closure sign that can be downloaded from this web site.

Is there a fee for block parties?

Block party permits are completely free for applicants. Traditionally, SDOT had required an inspection fee for the permit. However, as of June 2008 the inspection and fee were removed in an effort to strengthen neighborhood spirit and support increased pedestrian use of the right of way.

Block parties are defined as events being held by people living along the street and not larger publicized events open to the general public. If the guidelines listed above are not followed, or a complaint is received, a street inspector will be sent to the location and may issue an inspection fee.

What if an emergency vehicle needs to get through or someone needs to get to their home during our party?

When setting up for your event, make sure to keep any objects (tables, grills, play equipment) to one side of the street and assign an adult to each end of the street to move the barricades if needed.

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